Your hosts are Amy and Judi, two frazzled mommies, living large and raising a family together with 7 kids, a mangy mutt, and one husband.  We found, like many families, we were living well beyond our means.   We are now striving to live simply and become consumer debt free.  

You can read all about how we became a family here.

You can contact us at amy_judi@live.ca

Hope you enjoy reading about our family!


9 responses to “About

  1. hello Amy & Judi,
    I was checking out your blog today and it made me think of a website that you might find beneficial for your menu planning. It’s called http://www.soscuisine.com
    I came across it several months ago, but they have only recently started planning menus around Nova Scotia grocery ads.
    You can put in information about how many people you have in your household to feed and it will provide you with weekly menus and a grocery list etc.
    Check it out! It’s nice to have fresh ideas when menu planing…

  2. Hi Amy and Judi,

    Thanks for making me aware of your blog. I had read your Success Story a number of weeks ago on Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s website, and thought “Wow, there’s a smart family!”. I’m happy to find your blog and will enjoy cruising around and learning a bit more about you and your family.

    Appreciate the link too! Are you in Toronto, or out in the burbs a bit?

    • We’re just west of the T-dot…in Hurricane Hazel’s neck of the woods 😉 At least for the time being, we’re moving north in a few months, still in the GTA though. Thanks for coming and checking us out.

  3. I love the intentions of this blog. Its very inspirational. It makes me want to CHEER you on in your goals and helps me recognize that many others struggle with the same things I do (blended family, weight, debt etc). Thanks for putting it together and inviting me into it.

  4. Just found our blog this week! I really enjoy reading your posts!

  5. Duh! YOUR blog, not OUR blog…:)

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