Mish Mash Post

What a busy weekend!  We always have busy weekends, but this one was busier than usual.

I participated in my first craft show this weekend.  My girlfriend didn’t have enough product for her table, so she invited me along.  I brought in $190.00 for the day.  Not too shabby!  Of course my friend would not let me help her pay for the table, so we agreed that next year, I would pick up the cost.  I also bought lunch for the two of us (note to self…pack a lunch for these things…the prices are RIDICULOUS!).

I also got orders for my Jack Skelington hat!  I made one for Carla’s daughter Morgan, and people are really loving it.  Here’s a picture she gave me permission to post on my blog:

Morgan is such a beautiful girl, isn’t she?

So I made two of them and also more of my sock monkey coffee sleeve/cozies (I even made one in purple, but I forgot to take a picture, lol).

While I was at the craft show, Amy and Shane dropped my boys off to their dads, took Charlotte to dance, took Austan to a friend’s place for a sleepover and then came home and made a yummy dinner.  If that wasn’t enough, they started painting Andrew and Aaron’s room!

On Sunday Amy and Shane finished the boy’s room, while I sat down with my hook and created.  I usually feel bad that I don’t help with the painting, but now that I am making money with my crocheting, I don’t feel AS bad.  We all bless our families in different ways.

I made a delicious taco soup for dinner, and then Amy and I went off to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Applebee’s.  I love my girls so much, and we don’t get to spend as much time with them as we want.  It was a lovely 2 hours chit chatting away and eating yummy food!

I was so glad to find out that Carla and the girls FINALLY got their hats!  Here’s a pic of the ones I crocheted for her two youngest.

Kirby and Hello Kitty

Now we’re battening down the hatches in prep for the remnants of Hurricane Sandy  AKA: Frankenstorm.  Sending out good thoughts to all our friends and readers in the Northeast.  Please take care of yourselves!


3 responses to “Mish Mash Post

  1. The girls are sooo happy with their new hats! 🙂 And you were so generous to surprise me with one, thank-you! 🙂 Love the monkey sock holder… Totally rocks! 🙂

    $190 is great!! Well done! 🙂

  2. I just posted at Carla’s blog. I thought the hats were super cute. I totally loved Carla’s slouchy red had. I totally wish I can crochet too now. 😦

  3. Judy, have you thought of creating some Angry Birds hats? I’m sure they would be a good seller with its popularity. I would be interested in a couple for my boys for Christmas. Your hats look great by the way.

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