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Sunday Night Chit Chat ~ October 21, 2012

The “Jack Skelington” hat I created for Carla’s daughter!


  • Still struggling through Twilight


  • Not sure what we’ll watch tonight.  This afternoon I watched “Big Miracle” (Drew Barrymore, Ted Danson). 

Listening to

  • The water running and pots banging…Austan is doing the dishes


  • I baked some carrot muffins today and I made roast chicken, potatoes, gravy and broccoli for dinner tonight

Happy you accomplished this week

  • I got Carla’s special order for our “barter” made and shipped out this afternoon.
  • I started creating something for my Secret Sister Swap that is due in 2 weeks.  I should have it out right on time!

Looking forward to next week

  • A relaxing weekend???  BWAA HAA HAA…that never happens!  LOL!

Thankful for today

  • That I got to sleep until 11 am today!  Yeah, sounds like I am lazy, but I didn’t get in until around 1:30 am from a bowling tournament, and then I couldn’t calm down enough to get to sleep right away, and I didn’t fall asleep until around 4 am.  Amy and Shane let me sleep! 

Bonus:  What is a character quality about yourself that you need to work on?

  • I am pretty pessimistic at times.  I am working on being a “glass half full” kinda girl!

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