Car Woes Update

Last week I talked about how Murphy had come to visit with both cars for 3 different things.

I am happy to say that other than the tires that we purchased on our credit card, all the labour and the other parts for the cars have been paid for with cash.  We were able to cash in some hours that Shane had banked and that pretty much covered it.

What I am truly thankful for, is that we went to the mechanic that my parents have been going to for years.  He didn’t charge us an arm and a leg.  At Canadian Tire, where they put the new tires on, they told me that I would have to replace both front wheel bearings (only the left front was loose) and have an alignment and it would be 2 hours labour.  They quoted us $500.00.  I am happy I said no, because the mechanic said that we only needed the left front, and that the alignment wasn’t necessary as everything looked good.  One hour labour and the part came to $177.00.   Three hundred and twenty-three dollars savings!

I honestly think that Canadian Tire was counting on me being stupid and scared to drive on the loose bearing.  I won’t be going back there again, that is for sure!

So cross all your crossables that we are done for the time being and we won’t have any more car trouble for a while.


7 responses to “Car Woes Update

  1. Too bad you didn’t know — he can get you tires too. We got our last ones through him for less than Costco charges.

  2. Glad you didn’t let crappy tire fix your car. My dad took his car there years ago for a simple oil change and they nearly destroyed his engine. It smoked after a few blocks of driving it home and so he took it right back. The stupid mechanic had forgotten to put in new engine oil after removing the old oil.

  3. I’ve used the same mechanics since 1984. I would be lost without them! They also just fix what is needed and don’t charge an arm and leg.

  4. Ugh!! Unbelievable! Glad you found someone honest!!

  5. That’s great that you found a trustworthy mechanic. He is worth his weight in gold!

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