Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

If things happen in threes…

Then our car issues should be finished!

After we had the flat on the van yesterday and purchased our tires, we came home and I decided to take the car to go out to get a few things at the dollar store.  I started the car and was just about to put it in drive and Shane runs up and opens my car door and said “Don’t move!” (scared the living daylights out of me).  Apparently the starter relay kept trying to start the car even though the car had started!  He could hear it.  I turned the car off, and it was still going.  We had to dislodge the battery and push the car into the parking spot.  We had it towed this morning to the mechanic.  We haven’t heard back yet, so we’re not sure how much that will cost.  Starter relays are cheap, so we don’t think that much, but knowing our luck, they will find something else wrong.

So that’s TWO things.

Today, I took the tires back to Canadian Tire to have them installed on the van as they couldn’t do it yesterday.  When it was finished, the mechanic called and said that the front left wheel bearing was loose and we should have it fixed.  OY VEY!!!  I can still drive, but it needs to be done soon.  So I told him to leave it for now and we’d take care of it next week.

That’s THREE.

So if things happen in threes, we should be done…

Needing lots of positive thoughts right now.  Shane has a lot of overtime banked, so we’ll be cashing it in…we were hoping to use some of that for Christmas. 

Murphy GO HOME!!!!!