Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ September 30, 2012

It is time for another installment of Sunday Night Chit-Chat!  Go on over (after you read my post) to My 1/2 Dozen Daily to see what other people are chatting about.

Allen totally surprised when he opened his DSi…he didn’t even ask for it


  • UGH, I am still reading “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”  I think I will never finish that book, lol.  I am obviously NOT reading a darn thing!


  • I don’t know what we’ll watch tonight.  I am sure we’ll find something decent on.  Dexter, season 7, starts tonight, but we don’t have the movie networks

Listening to?

  • The hamster going around in her wheel.  It is a silent wheel, however she is very odd in that she pulls food and shavings up into it.  It ends up making a bit of a racket


  • Allen chose broccoli and ham casserole for dinner.  Possibly one of the cheapest and carb laden things we make, lol.  It’s easy, so that’s good.  I baked a cake and Amy decorated it like a Pokeball

Happy you accomplished this week?

  • I finished two custom orders and almost finished a third one.  Here’s 2 new hats I made this week:

Sock Monkey Hat (pattern courtesy of Little Bucket Boutique on Craftsy -click on picture for link)

Seattle Slouch Crochet Beanie

Seattle Slouch Beanie (pattern Courtesy of Sweet Kiwi Crochet click on picture for link

Looking forward to this week?

  • An all day scrapbook crop, Thanksgiving and a 3 day weekend!

Thankful for today?

  • That I actually have the room on the credit card for the little emergencies life throws at you.  This time last year we did not.  I don’t like to use it, and we wouldn’t have if the EF hadn’t already taken a hit, but I am glad it is there and that we have the means to pay it off.


What is the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

  • A few years ago, we all went to a Farmer’s market in Gravenhurst while we were on vacation.  There was a little place selling stuffed olives.  I LOVE olives, green, black, kalamata, doesn’t matter.  I purchased some garlic stuffed olives and Shane got anchovy stuffed olives.  He let me try one and I popped the whole thing in my mouth.  It was, perhaps, the most foul thing I have ever tasted.  YUCK.  I couldn’t even bear to swallow it, and Shane laughed his butt off at me.  He also offered me his hand to spit it out into.  That’s a true friend, LOL. 

Hope everyone has a great week


6 responses to “Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ September 30, 2012

  1. Wow!! Look at those hats! You’re soo good!! 🙂 I love olives…mmmm… Yum!

  2. I am SOOOO in love with that monkey hat! Wish my grandson was a little younger (or a little sillier) and I’d ask you to make one for him. Nice job on both hats!

  3. OMG I love the monkey hat. Anchovy stuffed olives??? You are braver than me.

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