Murphy keeps coming to visit…

We just got both cars paid off in full.   I put my last payment towards my Crapalier  Cavalier in July.  I really want to see if I can hold off buying another car until I have to renew my plates in March 2014.

But Murphy keeps coming to visit us, for both the car and the van, showing us that it will be time soon to purchase 2 new-to-us vehicles.  First my signal lights went…not the bulbs, but the actual mechanism that makes them go (don’t ask me what it was, I know nothing about cars). Luckily that was an easy fix and Shane was able to fix them for under $100.00.  Dug that out of the emergency fund

Then the wipers went on the van.  Shane was able to fix these himself, but the parts were approximately $300.00.  UGH.  But they go now and that’s all that matters.  Another hit to the fund.

Today, we got a flat tire.  We knew we needed 4 new tires and we are saving for them.  However, I think this is a sign we should replace them now.  We only just started saving for them, so we are going to have to put them on credit.  We don’t have a ton left in the emergency fund.

Double UGH.

It’s the last thing we wanted to do, but safety is important and we just can’t park the vehicle until we have the money.

SIGH…1 step forward, 2 steps back on the paying down debt.  Thankfully, we’ll be able to pay it off within 6 weeks, but we’ll still accrue some interest.

Murphy can go home now.  He’s worn out his welcome.


6 responses to “Murphy keeps coming to visit…

  1. Oh that sucks!! 😦 Hopefully Murphy has left the building!

  2. Murphy doesn’t like us either and Daryl says were never buying another car ever again. When his car payments ended we thought we could start saving some money finally, the very next month I got pregnant with Alexis. Then we bought a used explorer and when that was finally paid off we thought we could start saving again, nope. Very next month I got pregnant with Heather!! lol

  3. Oh dear. Do you have snow tires? Maybe you can hold out til the first snowfall and switch it. Then you can delay buying new tires until Spring. Or do you get All-Season? If so, it might be wise to buy sooner before snowfalls as it’s more safe with new treads.

    • No, we don’t have snow tires unfortunately or we would just do like you said. We need new all seasons anyway as they are pretty much bald, so I think we’ll be doing ok. We went to Canadian tire today and got some, $575 installed (the ones we wanted were on sale, yay). Happy because I thought it was going to be upwards of $800.00

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