Addicted to Pinterest

Anyone else?  OMGosh, both Amy and I are completely and utterly addicted to Pinterest.   We’ve been pinning like crazy!

Amy has been busy pinning and making stuff from the ideas she pinned, and I wanted to show off a few things that she’s done already.

We love this little saying and seen it done in several different ways.  This was pretty easy.  Amy printed out the saying on a plain white piece of paper.  She modge podged it to a $2.00 canvas from Dollarama, painted it and distressed it, and glued jute around the edges, and voila!

When we bought the house, we didn’t do a ton of upgrades.  The powder room mirror was just a plain oval and pretty ugly.  The dollar store had bags of rocks and glass beads.  For about $6.00 and some hot glue, this is what we got (it isn’t quite finished as we ran out of glue sticks, lol):

We have a lot of kids (yeah, duh, you know that).  One of the biggest problems is getting some of them to flush the darn toilet after they use it and wash their hands every time.  So Amy made a couple of signs to put up in the bathroom as little reminders!  Just printouts and dollar store frames:

We also have this cute little swag.  Amy printed out some Halloween stuff, attached it to scrapbook paper and glued it onto more jute.  She also made that star out of a cereal box, paint and crackle paint.  Pretty cool huh?

We have so many ideas pinned that we still want to try and we’re pinning more by the day.  Is anyone else addicted?  Have you done anything from the ideas you’re pinning?  Also did you know that there is a site called Manteresting that is geared towards men?  It is the brain child of one of my favourite personal finance bloggers Ninja @ Punch Debt In the Face

We have a busy day today.  My kids are off to their dad’s place, Amy and Austan are going to Canada’s Wonderland, and Shane, the girls and I are off to do a whole bunch of errands.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


3 responses to “Addicted to Pinterest

  1. I LUV Pinterest. I have made a few things, but mostly I pin things for the “someday” factor.

  2. I love Pinterest too. Mostly for my geek-out obsessions though.

    I love the detailing you’re putting on the mirror. Be sure to make sure they’re extra secure though or they might fall. If not strong enough, you might have to use epoxy glue.

    • Thanks for the tip about the mirror. Amy finished it (she’s the crafty and stylish one in the family) and it’s now up, but some popped off while installing it in the brackets. All fixed now. The hot glue is holding up, but if they start to fall off we’ll get some epoxy

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