Summer is winding down…

There are 2 weeks left of the kids summer vacation…where did the time go?  I feel as if I haven’t had a summer!  I guess I will have to make the most of these last days.  I know I have been an off an on blogger for the last little while.  There is a reason for it, and I am working on a blog post about it.  But I am going to save that for tomorrow.

Today I am going to talk about our new budget!  We have several things to save for over the next few months and we are going to have to glean as much as we can from our variable expenses.  I have budgeted the following amounts for our jars:

  • Groceries/Personal Care/Pet Care ~ $280.00/wk
  • Transportation ~ $100.00
  • Clothing and Gifts ~ $20.00
  • Entertainment ~ $20.00
  • Other ~ $20.00

That gives us a total of our variable expenses of $440.00 per week (1906.66 per month).  These are the maximum amounts that I want to spend each week.  We are hoping that we can be super frugal with our groceries over the next few months and put away as much as we possibly can.  Amy is going to start baking bread again as soon as it starts cooling off (she’s on hiatus for the summer, lol).

We have 3 things that we have to save for:

  • Our annual scrapbooking retreat in Cornwall, ON.   Amy and I are hoping to go again this year because we had such a wonderful time last year.  We get accommodation, 6 meals and scrapbook time for about $210 each.  Then we need gas money.  I am budgeting $600.00 for the weekend. We already have $115 saved.
  • Tires for the van.  The tires are ready to be replaced.  That’s at least $100 a tire, plus installation, balancing, yada, yada, yada.  I am budgeting about $800.00 for that. 
  • Christmas.  In a very unusual turn of events, Amy and I have not even bought a single Christmas gift yet!  The horror!!  We are going to do the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read” thing again this year.  I am budgeting $1000.00.

So in total we need approximately $2400.00!  That’s a lot of cash, that’s for sure.  We will put any overtime money, money from my custom hat orders, and any other extra money that comes our way.  I am confident we can do it.  We also have our sealed pot, which is slowly accumulating money!  We get to open it on December 3rd.  We have already bought a camera with one of the pots, so this money is unaccounted for.  We’ll put it towards our Christmas budget.

Are you saving for anything right now?  Do tell!


2 responses to “Summer is winding down…

  1. Sounds good! 🙂 Right now I have $900 saved towards Christmas so far… I’m still working on our EF, it’s a bit over $3K’ish. Hubby has finally saved enough for his new BIG tv, so I think we’ll be doing some shopping this weekend! Other than that, no savings goals for now.. just need to adjust to our new (lower) budget.

    Good luck with your goals!!

  2. Gosh. Christmas gifts already? I’m not ready to think of that yet. lalalala. not listening. p>_<q

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