Don’t Let the Sweet Face Fool You…

This face is the face of a true menace:

Yesterday, I was pulling out bowls to make a salad and I found the salad spinner, in the cupboard with a milky fermenting liquid inside it.  It. Was. Gross.  I blamed the big boys for putting dirty dishes back in the cupboard, and went about making dinner.

Then today, we opened up the pantry cupboard, and inside the flour container we found another “concoction”.  It ruined about 10 cups of flour and it contained a soupy, milky, fermenting mess again.  What the heck??

Meri looks at us with a smile and said it was her who did that, and she also “did the other one in the sa-yad pinner”. 

You cannot turn your back on this little monster for a second!  Sure she has a sweet face, but inside is the heart of a true menace!

OR, we are raising a future chemistry major.

Anyone else have a 3-year-old menace in their house?  Or any sort of menace?


6 responses to “Don’t Let the Sweet Face Fool You…

  1. LMAO!!! Beth STILL gets into things and makes up concoctions. It started at 1 1/2 with her diaper, getting into that and smearing it all over the floor in wonderful poo hand painting. It has continued since then, with cleaner things thank heavens, finding one thing after another to mix and make concoctions. Me: “Beth? What are you doing in the bathroom??? Unlock the door please…” Door opens and we’ve got toothpaste goop, mixed with liquid soap, mixed with pink chalk she had been using outside earlier in a small bowl she got from the kitchen (pink chalk disolves wonderfully into a fun colorful paste!)… that was a few years back, over the years she’s combined all sorts of things, causing me to face palm everytime. Recently she decided to disintegrate toilet paper in the sink to make a mushy substance and mixed white glue, a little of her paint and some liquid soap (she adds the liquid soap so that it’s easy to clean, at least she tries!!!!) LOL I have to admit… I used to do this all the time as a kid too… My Mom’s Neet (oh the stink) with my Dad’s shaving cream, some shampoo, cologne… whatever liquid mucky thing I could find to combine…

    I can’t get angry with Beth, I’ve been there! So I’ve just taught her how to clean up and showed her not to use chemical things to keep safe. I always wanted a chemistry set when I was a kid but never got one. :O( I’ll be getting one for Beth as soon as she seems ready, which is SOON!!! LOL (she hasn’t gotten into the flour, maybe because she gets to use it all the time when we bake together, so it’s not something new to use… dunno… or it’s next on her list… LOL) Meri and Beth would have a blast together.

    Linda :O)

  2. Ooohhhh… better keep her busy! lol! Thankfully my kids don’t get into stuff like that. I’d have thrown up finding the milky one! lol!!

  3. The Asian Pear

    If it makes you feel better, according to my mother, as a 2 year old, I took a bundled roll of cash amounting to about $1000 in the 1980s (which is A LOT of money back then let alone now.) I hid it and my parents searched EVERYWHERE including trash bins until they thought it was lost forever. A week later, my Mom found it in the rice container courtesy of me.

    Yes, I was a lil menace.


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