I did absolutely nothing today

Today I got to have a fairly lazy day…and I totally loved it. I went out and picked up pictures for Amy and a few things for dinner tonight and then I came home, watched the Olympics (ALL DAY LONG), knit a pair of mittens and made dinner.  Not exactly nothing per say, but it felt like it compared to a normal day, lol

It was lovely and exactly what I needed to do!  The rest of the week is going to be busy!  Here’s our schedule for the 2nd week of our holidays:

Are you watching the Olympics?  I am glued to the tv, I have to admit.  Today I watched Great Britain win the Bronze medal in Men’s Team Gymnastics…it was AWESOME.  My favourites in the summer are Gymnastics, Swimming, and Diving…what are yours?

Have a great night everyone!


2 responses to “I did absolutely nothing today

  1. love the gymnastics, diving and swimming! haven’t watched any today-was working-will be watching the highlights soon, once the bf leaves for work! lazy days are good and u totally deserve it!

  2. The Asian Pear

    awwh. fun! I love the ROM! My favourite is the textile section and the rocks collection. And the Toronto Zoo, I am planning to go in late August myself. Hopefully, before the elephants leave!

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