We Got a New Toy

Today Shane and I drove out to Oshawa to get this:

Isn’t it awesome?  It’s a Nordic Track C2000 treadmill and we are the proud new owners.  My brother was not using it anymore, and he knew that Amy wanted one and that we were thinking of using our sealed pot money for it.  So he called last week and asked us if we wanted it!  WOW!

It’s set up in the family room for now, but it is quite large.  We’re hoping to move it into the basement once it’s finished.  We had to reorganize a bunch of stuff, and it looks a bit cluttered, but we will manage for the time being.  Now we just have to USE IT…LOL.  It will be nice to be able to go for a walk, especially in the winter. 

Tomorrow we are off to Wasaga Beach for the day…hope the weather holds up!!


4 responses to “We Got a New Toy

  1. Awesome!!! 🙂 I’m sure it’ll come in very useful, especially during our 8 winter months!!! 😉 lol!

  2. Cool! Nice score. I want one too but I know I’d never use it. Haha.

    Hope the trip to Wasaga Beach was okay. I know it rained buckets in Toronto.

  3. Drop a TV in front of it. You might even find the kids starting to use it if they can watch TV for half an hour uninterrupted :).

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