Vacation: Day One

Ahhhhh vacation!!  Oh how I love thee…

Except, I woke up, like clockwork, at 6am and was wide awake by 6:30.  Darn internal alarm clock!  So I made everyone a nice big breakfast:  home fries, scrambled eggs, sausage and cantaloupe.  It was delish and less than $10!

Today is supposed to rain, so we’ll be going to the mall.  All the kids have money to spend and they want to hit EB Games.  Shane wants to work on the basement, the kids will want to play their games when they get home, Amy will scrapbook and I will make some more hats.

Speaking of hats, I got a lot finished.  I finished the 4th and final hat for my custom order.  Now I just have to make the mittens and slippers.  Here are the hats (excuse the poor quality, I took these with my iPhone).

I also made this slouch hat.  You can wear it like this, or you can put it down over your ears like a beanie.  This pattern is courtesy of Inner Hooker

Back view (as you can see, I didn’t weave the ends first, lol):

Side View

Perhaps the cutest thing I made was this adorable Strawberry Beanie (pattern courtesy of Playin Hooky Designs).  I love this pattern because it goes from 3 month size all the way up to child.  Isn’t it just precious?  Don’t you just love the top leaves?  LOL.

That’s all for today…my parents are on their way over.  Apparently they have a big tub of potato salad that they can’t use…who better to gift it to than someone with starving, hollow-legged children??  Have a wonderful day!


3 responses to “Vacation: Day One

  1. Enjoy your vacation. So nice to be able to do other things, on your own schedule.

  2. The Asian Pear

    Cute hats.

    Although at 41C, I can’t even think about hats. >__<

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