I Am Giddy…

I came home from work to find a great big box on my front porch!

So excited to find this inside:

My YARN order came in!  WOO HOO!!  Last week I placed an order with the Knitting Warehouse for yarn for my hats.  I usually wait for things to go on sale at Michael’s or go to a specialty store, but they rarely get down to these prices.  I got 21 balls of yarn for $80.57…if I purchased it at regular price here, it would have cost me $165.87. 

This order should keep me busy for quite some time!  I can’t tell you how many hats I can make with all this yarn.  I already have a custom order for 4 hats, 3 pairs of mittens and a pair of slippers that will completely pay for this shipment.

Who would think someone would get this excited over a yarn order?  Perhaps I am a little odd…ok, I am more than a little odd.

And oh yeah, my holidays started at noon today too!  Double Whammy!

Have a great weekend everyone.


9 responses to “I Am Giddy…

  1. O_O; That’s… A lot of yarn. Whatcha gonna make first?

    There’s a new Michael’s that opened up in Toronto. I am gonna check it out sometime next week myself. I hate going there sometimes… I spend WAY too much. >_<

  2. What pretty colours. I can’t wait to see what you create with it.

  3. Ohhh awesome!!! And… I SOOO would LOVE slippers for the fall for myself! Please let me know if you’re up for another “swap”!

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