The kindness of strangers…

Something amazing happened today…

Remember back in October when I posted about the school trips starting?  We just couldn’t find the money in the budget, and Austan broke open his piggy bank to help pay for the cost of the school trip that he wanted to go on.  He was able to fund $190 of the $270 trip (we found the rest of the money for him).  He went in February to a camp in Bancroft, Ontario, with his classmates and he had a fabulous time.  He told us he wanted to go back next year if he could (we will be saving for it).

Today Amy got a telephone call from the camp.  Apparently, Austan’s teacher (Ms. B.)  told the camp staff that he paid for the February trip with his own money and they were very impressed with that.  She asked them, if they had funding, if they would consider Austan for their ‘send a kid to camp’ program.  We had no idea that she did this.  I guess it’s pretty unheard of that kids would pay their own way?  I was pretty impressed that he was willing to (Austan is a miser and loves his money), but didn’t think that others would see it as a big deal.  I was wrong.

So the staff member, code name: Marblehead, called today and asked if Austan would be interested in 2 weeks of sleep away camp this summer…FOR FREE!!   The camp cost $1600 for a 2-week session.

Are you freaking kidding me???

Nope, apparently not, they were not kidding. 

Austan is going to summer camp.  He is completely and utterly over the moon!!

We feel very privileged that they would pick our family, our boy, to give this gift to.  Humbled, even.  It’s something that we would never be able to afford on our own, especially with 6 kids.

I am still pretty speechless about the whole thing.  It’s not going to be completely free…we still have to get him there.  There is a bus that will take him for $50 each way…which is cheaper than gas and I think part of the whole camp experience, so we have to pay for that.  But $100.00 for 2 weeks of summer sleep-away camp?  That’s a bargain!

Have you ever got such an amazing gift?  Tell us about it!!


6 responses to “The kindness of strangers…

  1. oh wow I am SO excited for all of you. i can’t say enough good things about what summer camps have done for my children. Congrats on such a wonderful blessing.

  2. What a blessing!! 🙂 Someone is definitely watching down on him & saw what a fabulous kid he is!! I hope he enjoys every minute of the camp!

  3. The Asian Pear

    That is awesome. He’ll love it. Two whole weeks! Will this be in August?

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