Summertime fun!

Today I worked from home and so that I had a bit of quiet in the house, I took Amy and the kids over to the splash pad for a bit of summer fun!

Amy took some pictures with her new camera:

Aaron climbing at the park beside the splash pad (he’s becoming quite a little monkey, has no fear, unlike his brothers)

Great shot of Meredith

Charley Girl

Austan waiting for the bucket to drop

Allen looking more grown up than I want him to be…

Andrew in one of the few pictures Amy could get of him standing still, apparently,LOL

We are so lucky that our town has such great facilities and for FREE.  There’s a splash pad going in closer to us, but it’s not ready yet…we are hoping it will open in the next few weeks.

Do take advantage of your town/city’s free summer fun?


5 responses to “Summertime fun!

  1. what great pictures! such fun they are havinig.

  2. Aren’t splash pads awesome?! 🙂 We go sometimes but there aren’t any very close… We bought a sprinkler & hook it up here… The girls love it!

    • We have a sprinkler (actually 2 of them) and the kids love it too! They are taking their sweet time building the park across the street from us with the splash pad. The actually splash pad and park are built, it’s just the other stuff around it (bathrooms, parking lots, cricket pitches).

  3. The Asian Pear

    Looks like everyone had a great time. 🙂

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