What happened to the lazy days of summer?

I feel like we’re busier than ever!  LOL!

Curriculars are taking up more time than I thought, holy moly!  I just got back from the ice rink with these cuties:

They are all skated up:

We are busy Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  OMGosh, SUNDAY!!  Amy and I play baseball on Sunday morning, then Meredith has Rhythm Gym on Sunday afternoon.  Back home to make dinner, then off to take Allen to badminton.  I need to go to work to recover.

I am also getting back to the gym.  On Tuesdays while the kidlets have their lesson, Amy and I sneak up to the gym to have a short workout.  On Thursdays we can do the same when Andrew is in his art class at the community centre.  Sunday nights while Allen is in his badminton class, I will go for a long walk.  On Saturday we are going to try out a new class at the YMCA called “ARRIBA”.  It’s very similar to Zumba and other dance/workout type classes.  I have been finding myself incredibly sore after playing baseball on Sunday mornings, so I figure the best cure is moving more! 

If I am completely honest, I hate exercising…with a passion.  However, I always feel so much better after a workout.  I have to get rid of the weight as well and get healthy.  My dad’s heart surgeon pointed at us all on the day of Dad’s surgery to make sure we start taking better care of ourselves because the blockages he had are hereditary.  Time to get serious.

I have 6 1/2 days of work left before my holidays.  They are getting busier too…I have to squeeze in a trip to the eye doctor…my eyes are getting worse.  Not only am I having trouble with my distance, I also will need bifocals.  Doesn’t surprise me at all, both my parents had bifocals in their early 40’s.  Oh the joys of getting old!

Are you busy, busy this summer?  Or are you taking it easy?


2 responses to “What happened to the lazy days of summer?

  1. The thing I find about exercising is at first I treat it as a chore, something I have to do, and then I find that it turns into a treat – a way for me to work off steam, spend time alone, and I crave it. Need to get back to that place.
    My summer is so busy I was thinking to myself I don’t know how I actually work the rest of the year long….planning two trips with the kids to see family, a few reno projects that I can do myself around here. A girls trip in August. I have a list a mile long for fun and not fun things 🙂

  2. The Asian Pear

    BRILLIANT! Skating in the summer! 😀

    Me? I’m currently uh… Procrastinating on an essay. Oops. Heheh… ~__~;

    *goes back to writing her 20-pg essay due tomorrow*

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