Day One of Summer Vacation…

And it’s Kids 1, Parent’s Sanity 0

They are driving Amy crazy already.  I got a taste of why when I drove everyone to swimming lessons this afternoon.  They are completely out of control.  No wonder Amy asked me today if we could build a rubber room.

Meredith is into EVERYTHING, Aaron is not listening to a word we say, Andrew is overreacting and speaking disrespectfully.  The two almost-12-year-olds are fighting, speaking disrespectfully to us, to each other, and balking at every chore.  Even sweet Charlotte is being a little bit of a pain.

Everything is an argument. 

It’s only the first day and we are barely surviving it.  I think we will need a straighjacket by the end.  I at least get to escape for 8 hours a day.  Pray for Amy!!

A note to the teachers who teach our children every day:  GOD BLESS YOU!  (How do you not go crazy?)

Off to put the rotters children to bed.  Then I think I am going to open a beer for each of us and go sit on the porch.


7 responses to “Day One of Summer Vacation…

  1. I can TOTALLY relate. I am a teacher, and it’s my first day off work at home wi my three kids. Same story here, and mine are 15, 6, and 2! At work it is totally different. I taught 22 kindergartens this year. Our days are very organized, the arguments do get a little more often during June, but other than that, I think I would take a work day anyway, lol! And cheers to the beer! Might be opening one myself by the end of tody.

    • You know, I didn’t think of it that way, that as a teacher you have very organized days…we have tried to schedule things here at home, but we don’t want to be scheduled to death.

      Hope you enjoy your beer as much as I am going to enjoy mine!

  2. I would rather face a group of 13 year olds every day than be at home with a handful of kids over the summer 🙂

  3. Look on the bright side? One day down… Uh… Fifty-nine more days to go? ^__^;

  4. Beat … ummmm I mean bribe them. 😉 When mine were smaller I bribed them with trips to the local free splash pad/park, library or Kidstown in Scarborough.

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