Monday Morning Chit-Chat…

Custom Set I just finished

Custom Hat, Scarf, and Mitt Set that I finished today (the person actually already has the hat, but I had another to make the picture look ‘complete’)

Ok, well, it’s now Monday afternoon, but you get the jist…


  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest ~ planning on finally finishing this by the end of my holidays


  • Nothing right now…it’s almost afternoon, might see what’s on American daytime tv.  I really like the show “The Chew“.  I don’t get to see it often because I work.  I also like “The Talk“…love Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert.  Looks like Betty White is on today.

Listening to?

  • Not much of anything…just the chit-chat is going on in the kitchen between the kids and Amy and Shane


  • I bought some rhubarb at the farmer’s market on Saturday…I think I am going to bake some rhubarb muffins this afternoon.  We need snack fodder for the kids now that they are home all day, every day (they eat…A LOT)

Happy you accomplished this week?

  • Happy I finished the custom set (above).  I have a few more orders coming in.  Amy is just finishing up a schedule for Andrew.  It’s not completely structured for him, but structured enough to help keep his anxiety in check.  His world is much calmer when he has an idea of what is going to happen. 
  • Purchased a new washer and dryer…ours are on their last legs (dryer died and washer is not far off).  We’ve been waiting until my car loan was completely paid off before we went and bought something else.  We purchased a set of really nice high-capacity Maytags and chose the option where we could do 12 equal monthly payments, no interest.  We only did this because we knew we had the money free to make those 12 payments on time (and we could feasibly do that in 10 months, maybe less).  We are doing this while still paying down our other debts.  Not apologizing for doing it this way, because with 9 people’s clothes to wash, we need the washer and dryer. 

Looking forward to next week?

  • Possibly taking the kids to Wasaga Beach on Friday afternoon (weather depending).  We’re also taking Shane’s father out for his birthday next  Saturday.  We are going to the Mandarin, I think.

Thankful for today?

  • This fabulous country we live in!  We are so very lucky to live in a place where we can live and prosper freely.  I love Canada

*Bonus Question*

What are the top 5 tasks on your “to-do” list this week?

  • finish one or two more hats
  • get a routine going with all our new summer curriculars
  • get our new washer and dryer delivered and hooked up
  • freecycle the old washer and dryer to someone who can take the time to fix them
  • keep our sanity with having 6 kids home all day long

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4 responses to “Monday Morning Chit-Chat…

  1. With a 9 member family I wouldn’t apologize even if you had to ay interest & go into debt for a washer & dryer! We’re 6 and it’s not optional! lol! I love your hatt & mitt/scarf set… Soo pretty!!! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s totally not an option! LOL. We’ve actually been waiting 2 years to purchase the ones we wanted, trying to fix all the issues. We finally have had it!

      Thanks, I love it too…hope the girl who is getting it likes it!

  2. Very pretty hat, scarf and mitt set. Good luck with the sanity thing!! 🙂

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