Midweek Musings…

Seriously?  It’s only Wednesday??  Why am I so tired?

I don’t have curriculars to cart children around to this week.  Scouts and Beavers are over for the school year and swimming lessons have a 2 week break.  It’s nice not to have to go out anywhere after dinner (or right after work) and I am enjoying it, for next week, it all starts up again!  Our curricular schedule goes a bit like this:

  • Tuesday after work:  Swimming Lessons
  • Wednesday evening:  Skating Lessons for Charley, Aaron, and Austan (all at the same time and same place, yay)
  • Thursday evening:  Art Start for Andrew
  • Sunday afternoon:  Kindergym for Meri
  • Sunday evening:  Badminton for Allen

Full summer schedule!  We were very pleased that it was affordable.  We got a 10% discount on each class because we have 3 or more kids enrolled.  The total bill came to: $266.66

I have been working a bit of overtime in the last few weeks.  It’s summer and people are starting to go on holidays, so the team has to pitch in and get the work done.  It’s all a trade-off because it will be my turn in just 23 sleeps!!! Oh yeah!!

Finally got back into my yarn crafts…working on a custom mitten and scarf set.  I had already sold the hat to a friend of my parents and was asked to make a matching scarf and mittens to go along with it.  I also have another custom order for a friend down in the US…just waiting on colour choices!  

My dad is home from the hospital and it doing well!  It’s going to be a long recovery, but with time he’s going to be better than ever.  Thanks again to all and their continued prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes.

School ends on Friday…half the kids are excited about school finishing, half are not.  Andrew is having a lot of anxiety because of the end of the year.  Kids with ASD thrive on their routine, and now he has no set schedule, so it throws him for a loop!  We are working on a bit of a schedule for him…something like Splashpad Monday and Crafting Tuesday and Movie Wednesday, just so he has something to look forward to.

I found the Teacup Piggy for Charley’s birthday on Sunday!!!  YAY!!!  She is going to be thrilled. 

My second favourite holiday is Sunday…I love Canada Day…I am obnoxiously patriotic about the country I live in.  Best place in the whole, wide, world!!

That was a bit of a hodge podge, wasn’t it?  Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


One response to “Midweek Musings…

  1. That’s so great that you’re getting custom orders! I have one for you as well.. Either that or we can “swap”, can you email me? 🙂

    A summer schedule is a great idea! I’m glad you found the “Teacup Piggy”, it is a sweet little thing! 🙂

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