Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer has arrived and it is definitely a scorcher!  Today the temperature went up to 34C and 42C with the humidex (93F and 107.6F for my non-metric friends).  However you measure it, metric or imperial, it translates to “HOLY HANNAH IT’S HOT!”  I spent most of my day in my little cubicle in my air-conditioned office, so it didn’t affect me too much.  We’ll finally get some relief on Friday.

So with the beginning of summer we are thinking about what to do on our summer holidays.  Shane and I have booked two weeks off work at the end of July.  We have been saving here and there and we have approximately $1000.00 available to do something with.  Not a lot, but with careful planning we can make a whole lot of memories.

Since Toronto is so close to us, we decided that we would try to take advantage of what it has to offer.  We decided to go with a CITY PASS.  For $66.99 each (tax included) for the 3 adults and $39.38each (tax included) for 5 of the 6 kids (Meredith is free still), we can see the following attractions:

Total cost: $397.87 for all 9 of us.  We are going to be frugal and bring our own snacks and lunches to all the attractions.   We’ll need to budget a bit of money for transit and parking costs, probably about $100.00 (gas will come out of our regular transportation budget).   That should leave about $500.00.  Andrew has asked to go to the Mandarin (huge Chinese Food buffet) for dinner one night.  Dinner at those places can be kind of expensive, so since we’re on holidays we thought we might go for lunch, which is considerably cheaper!  We’ll see how things pan out with the budget.

The rest of the two weeks will consist of doing free things like hikes, taking advantage of our local splash pads, and just hanging around the house.  We’ll probably have a movie day in there if it rains and go up to Wasaga Beach for a day as well.

So that’s how our holidays are shaping up!  Are you taking any time off this summer?  What are you up to?


3 responses to “Happy Summer Solstice!

  1. My only vacation plans for this summer so far is to take a little drive to visit Jane at Crofters lane. I start back at my old job Sunday and I’ll be working 4 on 4 off…

  2. Sounds wonderful! 🙂 We’re taking a day trip to the TO Zoo, hubby taking oldest 2 kids to the Warped Tour in TO, and other than that, we’ll be hanging out & doing stuff close to home!

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