Weekend to Do List

As per usual it’s a busy weekend at our household.

  • grocery shopping
  • dollar store
  • pedicures (maybe, my feet are gross)
  • bowling banquet for me
  • slo-pitch game for Amy and I
  • pick up the boys from Scout camp
  • garden/outside work
  • work on getting Charlotte’s birthday presents finished

Tonight is the night for my bowling banquet

We’re going out for dinner at a local italian restaurant and having our awards ceremony.  I talked about it a few weeks ago…it’s a cash league and I was lucky enough to win a few prizes.  Can’t wait to see everyone…always have good times at bowling and I am so glad I went back.

Charlotte’s birthday is Canada Day (isn’t that cool that she gets fireworks on her birthday).  We’d like to get a head start on her gifts this weekend.  Not exactly sure what she wants…she hasn’t given us any ideas.

We also need some sand toys for our 2 little sandtables that we have out back.  The kids are itching to play!  We’ll get a few little things from the dollar store.

That’s about it…what’s on your to-do list?  For my American readers, just want to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!  Any special plans?


2 responses to “Weekend to Do List

  1. We are going to be hanging out around the house. It is too hot to be outside for much time with the kids (especially Benjamin (the 7 week old)). Rebecca has a bday party to go to tomorrow. Bill has to work a ton. I have to get to the grocery store and hoping to make a cake for hubby’s b-day which was yesterday. We will also go to our community parade on Monday for Memorial Day. Again just another crazy weekend around here! 🙂

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