Summer Fridays

Every year my company offers their summer hours program.  It started last week.  Basically we can leave on Fridays at noon, provided that we’ve put in our full 35 hour obligation for the week.  Due to the fact that we need coverage all day on Friday, we split the days between our team…so every other week we can leave at 12 noon.  Today was that day for me!

I love it because during the last weeks of school, I can run a lot of errands on the Friday afternoon.  Today we went over to the Safety Superstore and invested in a couple of products to stop our little Meri, the menace, from being able to open the sliding glass doors and letting the dogs out (which she has done on a few occasions).  More importantly, it will stop the kids from just wandering outside any time they want. 

Throughout the summer, we use the summer Fridays to plan excursions for me, Amy, and the kids.  We plan to use these to the utmost this summer.  We live about an hours drive away from Wasaga Beach, so I am hoping we can take advantage of that.  We’re also getting passes for the Science Centre, so we’ll do that if it’s a rainy day.

Our city is installing a new splash pad, RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from us!  Can I get a yahoo?!  Now Amy will have a nice place to take the kids to cool off on a hot day.  Amy doesn’t drive, so she’s limited on where she can take the kids.  Having a splash pad in walking distance is a huge plus!

Does your company have a summer hours program?  Do you have any summer fun plans?

I’m off to get my baby boy from school…because I have the afternoon off!! YAY!!


6 responses to “Summer Fridays

  1. Enjoy your Fridays! Don’t forget to take one Friday before school gets out to just chill out….no errands!!!

  2. Wow, what a nice program to have at work, especially since you don’t lose any pay for it! I don’t get a summer program, but as a teacher, I don’t have set hours to work over July and August. Contrary to popular belief, teachers still work though. I usually spend most of July cleaning my classroom up, reorganizing my materials, doing some professional development reading, etc. I spend at least two weeks at the end of August setting up for the new year. I don’t put in my usual hours of course, but I also don’t get paid for what I do put in 😉

    • Oh, I am well aware of how much teachers work outside hours. I have a few teachers in my family (aunt, cousin) and I know how hard they work over the summer. Lots of teachers will take courses, do summer school, etc. The holidays you do get are well deserved!

  3. When my husband worked at the university, years ago, during summer they could work a flexible schedule. This was great for us, as he’s an early riser and would catch the first bus into the city in the AM and leave work around 3 PM and we’d have long afternoons and evening together all summer. In summer, we just like to plan little excursions around our area, like the beach, a small antique/vintage town nearby, long walks, a day in the mountains, that sort of thing.

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