Sealed Pot Update…

Back in December I joined Saving For Travel’s  ‘Sealed Pot Challenge.  What is it you ask?  Well SFT can explain it better than I here’s the explanation from her blog:



Well,little bits and bobs of money are squirreled away in an assortment of SEALED POTS and the result is….A NICE CHUNK OF MONEY JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, OR TO PUT TOWARDS HOLIDAYS… OR A TREAT, OR LOTS OF FUN when we open them in DEC 2012!

Following the CHALLENGE couldn’t be easier as you simply get a pot (mine is an old gravt tub but others have posher types), make a hole for cash (if not provided), make sure it’s sealed so you can’t open it, chuck your spare cash in it and then ON THE 3RD DEC WE WILL OPEN THEM TOGETHER! It’s not a competition, we just will support each other here to keep going with ANOTHER CRAZY SCHEME TO SAVE MONEY!

So far we are ROCKIN’ the challenge!  We did so well we had to graduate to a second sealed pot.  I picked up mine at Dollarama for $1.25 each plus HST (of course).

Our first pot weighs in at about 4.5 pounds and it was full on March 25th!  The second one is at about 3 lbs at the moment.  We put everything in there, including loonies and toonies.  Sometimes an odd $5 bill gets crammed in as well.

We know for sure that we are going to at least buy a new camera for Amy.  A few years ago, while we were in North Bay, someone stole our diaper bag, which had Amy’s Canon in it.  I purchased another camera for her, a Nikon, but we just do not like the camera or the quality of photos we get from it.  I am hoping that we have enough in the pots to buy something like this for her:

Canon Rebel T3i 18MP DSLR Camera Kit and Canon 55-250mm Lens

Right now this particular kit is retailing at about $1000.00, so I might be getting a bit ambitious.  I guess we will have to wait until December 3rd to find out!!  I am hoping to at least buy the camera…the bigger lens might have to wait 🙂

Is anyone else participating in the challenge?  How are you doing?


11 responses to “Sealed Pot Update…

  1. Elaine likes her T3i, but she has an 18-200 lens that she never takes off. With the 55-250 you will be changing the lens more often.

  2. You’re doing awesome!! What kind of Nikon do you have?? I have a Nikon D90 & love it to bits!!! I’ve converted other Canon users to Nikon so I’m always curious when people don’t like their Nikon.

    • We have a Nikon Coolpix L110 (compact digital)

      Every 2nd or 3rd picture is blurry…we’ve read the manual forwards and back. The camera just does not take as good pictures as the comparable Canon we had. My neice looked at it (photography student and Nikon user), she couldn’t help us. We can’t figure out what it is about the camera, but it’s just not a good fit for Amy. She’s always wanted a DSLR, and we’ve heard very good things about the T3i. I believe she has tried other Nikons and just is unhappy with the brand overall.

  3. I don’t have a sealed pot, but do have a money jar that never seems to get raided. For some reason I find lots of coins in drawers around the house. When I’m needing just a bit extra for a gift or to treat a friend to coffee, I just check all the drawers (those not in my children’s bedrooms, of course!). I usually find from $10-15. Must be the money fairy. The other thing I do to “drum up” some gift money at Christmas is gather all of our gift cards from the previous year. I’ve bought many gifts this way. Many of us keep these gift cards in our wallets or in a drawer (again the money fairy?), and never spend them. We don’t think of them like cash, but that’s what they are.

  4. Cashing in all the coins is sometimes a problem around here. Coinstar charges a fee, and our local bank is also now charging a fee to accept and count the coins. They’ll waive the fee if I roll, and label with my name and phone number, my own coins.

  5. Judi, have you googled the problem with the camera? That doesn’t make sense, there is no real good reason it should keep blurring pictures. Why don’t you take it to the place you bought it from and tell them the problem? There’s no point in buying a new camera if it’s just a setting that’s wrong or maybe a defect in the camera. As for the lens, I had the 55-250 but sold it for under $200. Look into buying the camera new and the lens used to save money. I bought a higher quality lens and found out the 55-250 was being sold cheap on the second hand market because they were being included as kit lenses with some of the cameras. You can buy them used at Henry’s, Merkle and probably some other places. Also, you can price match at Best Buy and Henry’s if you find the camera for a cheaper price. I price matched my extender at Henry’s with a price I found at Aden’s.

    • We haven’t googled the problem, good idea!! Thanks for the tip on the lens too…we’re not sure exactly what we want at this point. We do want an DSLR for Amy because she loves photography, but if we can figure out what’s wrong with the Nikon, that will become my camera…I will then give my little point and shoot to Allen.

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