The One Where We Planted the Garden

Today was the day, we finally cleaned up our yard and planted our garden.  To put it mildly, it was a disaster!  I didn’t even take any before pictures because I am terribly embarrassed at how bad it looked.

We had weeds all down the side of the house.  They are now all cleared but the grass that the builders put down was completely dead.  We are going to put it on our 2 year Tarion in the hope that the builders will replace it (doubtful, but worth a shot).  At least the weeds are gone.  We put down some seed and will water this evening. 

We weeded the both front gardens and planted both, one with perennials and one with annuals!

We have a corner garden beside the front steps.  In there we planted perennials.  We wanted something fairly easy to maintain, that we wouldn’t have to plant year after year.  Last year we went out to my Aunt Shirley’s and got some hostas and true geraniums.  We planted those and also purchased two sage plants (they smell so good!).  In the very back of the garden we planted the recycled seed paper that Andrew made us for Mother’s Day.  Not sure what kind of wildflowers are going to come up, but it will be awesome to see if they sprout and bloom.

We have a Red Maple on our front lawn that the builders put in.  It’s a really nice tree and will be gorgeous once it matures fully.  They had it in place with two wooden stakes.  We took those out and then planted some annuals.  We picked Begonias and Cape Daisies.  Since the builders put mulch around the tree in the first place, we decided to get some new red mulch.

My favourite part of my garden is my solar light!  My friend Kathy bought it for me for my birthday and I LOVE it!!

We gave our little slide and climber that is now too small for our kids, to our neighbour two doors down.  Amy went over and knocked on the door and asked them if they wanted it.  They asked “How much?” with a quizzical look on their face.  Amy said “nothing of course,  we want to give it to you”.  Worked out well because it was their youngest’s 2nd birthday today.  We carried it over and the little one was over the moon and started climbing on it immediately.

I guess our little deed gave us some good Karma, because a little later on our friend, Geena, came over with a small picnic table.  The 4 littles are still small enough to enjoy it.  Thank you so so much, Geena!!

What did you do this glorious Victoria Day?


7 responses to “The One Where We Planted the Garden

  1. Judi, if these pictures of how your grass is looking is what you consider dead, then no need to replace it. Just fertilize the entire lawn first, then lay down top soil on all the bare spots, put down grass seed in the bare spots and a light sprinkling of top soil again over the seed and water well for 10 days straight. You’ll have an awesome looking yard.

  2. Im glad we made the time to get that picnic table over to you guys, my kiddos are too big so I’m glad it will get enjoyed by yours 🙂

    How are the boys coming with reading the hunger games books?

    • We’re finished! Austan doesn’t want to read the other two after reading the Hunger Games. I can probably drop them back off to you next weekend (we’re busy most every night this week).

      • great! the only thing we have planned is next saturday Daynah has auditions for her competitive group in the afternoon. If we aren’t home you can always leave them on the porch though.

  3. Beautiful! 🙂 I just puttered in & around the house today… did some sewing, some housework, hung out with the kidlets, etc… was a nice & relaxing day!!

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