Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ May 20, 2012

Uncle Bob came and gave us a ride on his motorcycle!


  • I just finished 50 Shades of Grey and I am back at The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.


We used to have HBO before we bought the house, so we saw the first 4 seasons of this show, but missed season 5, so I am hoping to convince Amy and Shane to watch a couple of episodes tonight.

 Listening to?


  • Robin Gibb passed away today, so sad.  The video is Night Fever by the Bee Gees.  LOVED them when I was a kid


  • We grilled hamburgers today.  They were really tasty!  Other than that, I didn’t bake or anything.

Happy you accomplished this week?

  • Got to see my parents today when we went out for lunch.  They only live a few miles away and it’s still hard to see them on a regular basis because they are so busy! 
  • Amy and I also went out shopping with $300.00 that we saved for a summer clothing budget.  We got a ton of stuff and almost completely outfitted Meri and Charley.  All the boys got a few items, Amy and I bought 6 pairs of pants and 15 tops, and got Shane a couple of shirts.  Talize had buy 3 ladies t-shirts/short sleeve blouses, get one free.

Looking forward to next week?

  • My bowling banquet.  I am getting the high triple prize money and we also won playoff champs for our series, so I will be getting some money for that.   I am going to tuck it away and buy myself some bowling balls in the fall.
  • Baseball on Sunday morning

Thankful for today

  • My parents!  We had a lovely time out for breakfast with them (and my brother, his girlfriend, and her cheeky 17-year-old, LOL ).  Love them lots!
  • My brother!  Who took time out of his day to come give the kids a thrill.  He brought his motorcycle over and gave them all a ride.  Well, Meri just sat on it, she didn’t want to ride, but she still had fun.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  To see what other’s are chatting about, hop on over to My 1/2 Dozen Daily


9 responses to “Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ May 20, 2012

  1. sounds like a nice Sunday!! I keep seeing those “50 shades” books in the top three on Amazon…but the reviews seem mixed. Don’t want to waste my money, LOL. Also do you and Amy wear the same size and share clothes, or was that just your combined total of the shirts and pants? I don’t have a budget for myself. My kids don’t need any clothes at all since they seem to either get a ton of hand me downs or just be stuck at their size, LOL

    • The 50 Shades books are what I call a “beach read”. The writing isn’t spectacular, and it’s racy. I didn’t buy them either, I have just borrowed them from a friend. You are wise not to spend the money.

      That’s our combined total…Amy is about 2 sizes smaller than I am. We just needed a few things to supplement the kids, as we get a lot of hand-me-downs as well. I gained back a bit of weight and I needed some capri’s and nice t-shirts for work. Amy rarely buys herself clothes, so we treated ourselves a bit. All cash that was earmarked just for this purpose…no credit!

      • Nice work on the no credit!! Way to go! I have some credits on Amazon from doing swagbucks…wasn’t sure though I wanted to waste them, or spend them, on the 50 shades trilogy. I don’t mind racy, LOL, but I do mind poor writing….!

  2. I’ve been looking for a new series now that a lot of finales have aired, maybe I’ll give Big Love a try!

  3. I like Big Love too, we are just onto season 4 downunder

  4. Good job on the clothes shopping & saving cash for them! 🙂 I’m passing on the “grey” books… I’ve heard they’re just “mommy p*rn”… lol! Not exactly my thing.. 😉 Congras on the bowling prize!!! 🙂

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