Thursday = PAYDAY!!

I love Thursdays…have since I was a teenager.  It’s pretty much always been my payday, even since my very first job.  It was my dad’s payday too.  Every Thursday, Mom would meet Dad at the mall and he would deposit his paycheque at the bank (cause, well, there was no direct deposit back in the mid 1980’s).  Then they would go out for dinner at Steak’N’Burger.  Sometimes, they let my brother and I join them.  At that time, I worked at The Bay in the Candy department…loved that job, got paid REALLY well compared to what most places paid at the time.  For instance, I started in 1986 at a local bakery/deli, and minimum wage for students was $3.15 an hour.  A year later, I started at The Bay and made $8-something.  I thought I was rich!

Shane and I get paid on opposite Thursdays, so there is always a pay going into the bank.    I have been anticipating this particular one because today, TODAY, we finally paid off the line of credit that was converted into a loan about 2 years ago.  I went on-line and paid off the last of it this morning. 


That frees up $500.00 a month.  Well…not exactly free up cause we’re going to start putting it on another card, but you all know what I mean.  It will be so nice to see a ZERO balance on that one.  Kick it to the curb, we are done!

Tonight we’ll be scouring the flyers and making our menu for the week.  We finally have delivery of the local paper with all the inserts after an almost 2 year wait (they don’t start delivery until the actual construction is done in the subdivision).  Another great reason to love Thursdays:  It’s FLYER day…LOL.

I took out $420.00 out of the bank for the variable expenses. and  I transfered $100.00 into our vacation fund, and transferred $50.00 into the EF.  The EF is now sitting at $786.98.

We’re getting geared up for the long weekend here…will come back and post about that tomorrow.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday evening!


One response to “Thursday = PAYDAY!!

  1. Thursday’s are payday here too… Jars are refilled & savings get bumped up a wee bit! 🙂 Congrats on paying off the LOC!! Woot!! God job!