Not Feeling It Lately

Sigh…haven’t been overly productive on this blog of late.  Just haven’t been particularly inspired, I guess.  I think I am kind of burnt out a bit too and I needed a bit of a break from writing. 

I haven’t been particularly productive on my hobbies either!  I only just picked up a crochet hook last night to finish up a gift for a friends upcoming birthday.  I did something to my shoulder about 2 weeks ago, and it’s finally feeling better, so I am going to make a hat tonight while I watch the season finale of Criminal Minds (anyone else a fan?).

Mother’s Day came and went.  It’s a very bittersweet day for me…my mom died when I was 18, so it’s a big reminder of the fact that she’s just not here to bring the flowers to, or just even hug and say “I love you”.   I have a little cry in the morning and then put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.  Our kids bombarded us with cards and handmade gifts, they were all very sweet!  Then Amy and I went and played in our very first Slo-Pitch game.  We. Had. A. Blast.  We even managed to connect the bat to the ball, even though we didn’t get a base hit…LOL.  No matter, the ladies were great and they laughed right along with us. 

We’ve also have had a few sick kiddies this week.  Meredith started throwing up on Friday night/Saturday morning…then Andrew caught the bug and then Charley.  Andrew and Charley seemed to get over it quickly, but poor Meri has had it for days!  We thought she was over it yesterday, but nope, she had another episode last night.  So far, she’s been fine today.  Let’s hope that is the end of it.  None of the other 3 got it, thank goodness.

Hoping to be back tomorrow to do a bit of a post on where the money stands (we have an accomplishment to announce).  Hope everyone has a great night!


One response to “Not Feeling It Lately

  1. Aww… Sorry you’ve been having a rough go of it. 😦 Especially with Mothers Day. ((hugs)) Hope you get bit by the bogging bug again soon though cause I really do enjoy your blog, no matter what your write about! 🙂 Sending get well prayers your way for sweet Meri!!

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