Sunday Night Chit Chat ~ May 6, 2012

My 11-year-old FINALLY riding a bike…more to follow


  • Still the Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest


  • I am watching Dateline NBC right now.  It’s part of their “My Kid Would Never Do That” series.  This one is about discrimination and whether or not teenagers recognize how hurtful ethnic, religious and racial comments can be.  It’s interesting so far. 

Listening to?

  • Just the television and the diswasher running


  • Absolutely nothing today!  We ordered pizza in (and yes it’s within the jar $$ this time!).  We forgot to take out the chicken this morning, and Amy and I were just too exhausted today to cook.  Neither one of us slept well last night

Happy you accomplished this week?

  • Well, can I write about what I am happy my 11-year-old, Allen, accomplished?   Allen is pretty timid when it comes to “rides”.  He doesn’t like carnival rides, doesn’t like to go fast, and doesn’t like being out of control.  He has outright refused to learn how to ride a two-wheeler because he was afraid of falling off.  We’ve left it alone, and just let him be.  With some gentle coaxing from Shane this afternoon, Allen finally conquered his fear and learned to ride a two wheeler.  We are so very proud!!  Amy and I were crying and Allen was very impressed with himself and couldn’t stop beaming:

Looking forward to next week?

  • Last week of bowling for the season
  • Amy and I are starting to play baseball next Sunday!!!  OMG we are going to be terrible, but we thought it would be fun and get us a little active.  It’s a women’s league, and everyone is over 30 (or maybe 35, can’t remember).  Thank goodness it’s just for fun…looking forward to lots of laughs

Thankful for today?

  • My bff from highschool, Michelle.  Today we met for lunch and we have not seen each other since our boys were both wee (about 10 or 11 years ago).  Michelle and her hubby, Peter, and son, Josh live out in British Columbia and before that went to school in Boston, MA.  Needless to say, she’s been away from Ontario WAY TOO LONG (that’s a hint, my friend, if you’re reading).  It was so amazing to see her.  She brought along her sister and niece (and I brought Amy and Meri along with me) and we had a lovely lunch and a great visit.  Of course it was way too short and I am already missing her like crazy.  It’s a blessing to know that you can spend so much time far apart, but still be as thick as thieves once you’re together.  Need to start saving for a trip out west to spend more time!  I am also a bit of a dummy, as I forgot my camera…good thing Michelle had one. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  See what everyone else is chatting about over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily


One response to “Sunday Night Chit Chat ~ May 6, 2012

  1. My 6 year old won’t give up her training wheels and because of that she’s not to enthusiastic to ride her bike with the other kids on the block. I just want her to get outside and be active but I think she’s self conscious because the other kids have their training wheels off. Allen’s story is inspirational that she’ll come around in her own time 🙂

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