Sometimes I wish we weren’t on a budget…

Because every once in a while there are events like this:

Amy and I are big country music fans and this summer one of the biggest country music festivals is coming to Bowmanville (just outside of Toronto).  The Boots and Hearts Festival  .

I want to go sooooo bad.

The lineup?  ASTOUNDING!!

  • Tim McGraw
  • Kid Rock
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Big and Rich
  • Paul Brandt
  • Jason McCoy
  • Lauren Alaina (From American Idol last year)



which, in my opinion is worth the price of the ticket alone!!!

Speaking of price…it’s $209.99 (right now, because we missed the early bird price)  for all 3 days of the festival.  That of course doesn’t include food and accomodations and gas to get there.  Sadly, it’s totally out of our price range.

I guess I will have to wait longer to steal Tim away from Faith….LOL.

Is there anything right now that you want badly but just cannot have because of budget constraints?


6 responses to “Sometimes I wish we weren’t on a budget…

  1. AWESOME show!!

    We have all sorts of things that are out of budget that we want. There is a concert that DH wants to go to….and that would be about a $400 night. New living room set, Deck stuff….

    All in due time.

  2. Yes! Many things I want. The other day innate drew furniture cause my leather stuff is uncomfortable. I want a trip to Vegas in July, buti am going to have to save my butt off to get it!

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