Goals update…

May already!  I honestly can’t believe it, this year seems to be going by so fast.  I thought I would take a few minutes to update on the goals I had set in January.  You can find them here.

1. Pay off car repair

In December, the transmission went on our van.  The repair was a whopping $3300!!  We didn’t put it on credit, and had it paid by mid-March.  YAY us!!!

2. Bring Emergency Fund up to $2000.00 by December 2012

We’re doing ok on this.  As of tomorrow we have this up to around $735.00.  I put around $75.00 a paycheque into savings.  I get paid bi-weekly and this month is a 3 pay month, so I am hoping to put a little extra in this at the end of the month. 

3.  Pay off the Line of Credit

We are almost there!!  It’s currently sitting at around $485!  My pay on May 17th will take care of the very last payment on this ‘line of credit’.  I put it in quotes because about 2.5 years ago, the company was purchased by another and converted this into a loan.  So we can’t even put one of our higher interest cards on this to help bring down the interest we’re paying.  I am so excited to pay this thing off…mostly because we can add it to the payment of another credit card!!

4. Pay off 2 credit cards completely by the end of the year.

So far, we have paid off one card that was around $4000.00.  As stated above, we are going to add the $500.00 payment from the L.O.C. to the payment that we’re making on the card with the highest interest rate.   I am hoping that we will be finished, or almost finished paying off that card by the end of January.  Then we’ll snowball that onto another card and so on, and so on, and so on, until it’s done!

5.  Back on track with jars and tracking spending every week.

Not so great on this…we pull the money every week from the bank, but we are dipping in and using the debit card every once in a while.  Is anyone else finding that their variables are increasing with the increase of gas and food??  Of course it doesn’t help that we have 6 children who seem to eat more and more every day.  I honestly don’t know where they put it all.

I am not going to go near my personal goals right now…I haven’t lost much weight and I am crocheting rather than reading, so I have only read 3 1/2 books so far this year…oh my!

So, I think we are working at somewhere around a “B” grade right now.   And of course we are striving to do better.  My mini-goals for May are:

  • revamp the variable budget
  • cash only!!  No debit card purchases

How are you all doing with your goals for the year?


2 responses to “Goals update…

  1. It sounds like you’re doing great with your finances!! Just gotta get your jars back on track & you’ll be laughing!! 🙂

  2. Great progress on your goals. The cost of gas is a definite problem. Earlier this year I began riding the commuter van to work. This has helped me save money and sanity! The cash only rule will definitely help to tighten up your incidental expenditures. Good luck with your progress.

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