Happy Friday!!

It’s finally Friday!!  Can I hear a WOOT, WOOT!!  Actually the week went really fast and I am happy that work is officially done until Monday.  Why oh why can I not win Lotto Max or something???  I want Freedom 42 people!  I guess if I want even a chance of winning it might help to buy a ticket?

I am happy to report that Andrew had an AWESOME day yesterday.  He performed in his school concert, not once, but twice.  Both times he was great, sang both songs, sat quietly while others from his class were doing their speaking parts.  It was all about spring and he made a terrific butterfly!  Charley was in the show too, but wasn’t in the evening performance that I saw L (but Amy got to see her in the morning –morning Kindy classes did the day show, afternoon classes did the evening).  The concert itself was great and the highlight was another special needs student…his class was doing a spring “fashion” show on stage and when it was his turn he was dancing, and singing and hamming it up for the audience.  He was enjoying himself so much, and soaking up the applause, that he wouldn’t come off the stage.  His ERF had to come get him and the audience clapped even harder. 

We have a fairly busy weekend ahead.  Here’s what’s on the to-do list so far:

  • Bowling tonight (3rd last week, *sniff*)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Weekend to End Cancer Crop (1 to midnight tomorrow)
  • Visit to the consignment store (owner is interested in my hats)
  • Visit out to see my cousin
  • Shopping for Aaron’s 7th birthday on Thursday

I honestly don’t think I am going to be able to fit it all in! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


2 responses to “Happy Friday!!

  1. Good for Andrew!!! 🙂 As for your list, you can pull it off!!!

  2. My weekend is pretty busy as well but still is the weekend soooo…I plan to ENJOY!

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