This and that…

First off…big shout out of thanks to all the commenters on my last post.  I felt the love!  Amy and I have both been stressed out big time over this, so just getting it out felt better.  I reached out to someone that I know has a lot of knowledge and Amy and I are going to visit her soon. Hopefully she can help us get a handle on what is bothering the poor boy.  These outbursts  are his way of saying “hey!! there’s something wrong in my world here!”.  

I have been making more hats too!  A consignment store here in my area has asked me to bring some of my work in…might be able to put a few items in her store.  I will let you know how that turns out.  This is perhaps my favourite hat so far.   I made a couple, one for a girl and one for a boy and I am so lucky to have some beautiful models to show them off on.  This pattern is courtesy of Playin’ Hooky Designs.  I am thinking of selling these for about $15 to $20.

Side view

This weekend Amy and I are attending a charity scrapbook event.  12 straight hours of scrapping to our hearts content.  Amy has been busy getting our photos ready.  We are really excited and the money is going to the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.

Tonight we’re off to Beavers…it’s Pirate Night…ARRRGGGHHH!!  Have a good one!


2 responses to “This and that…

  1. *LOVE* these hats!!!!! Fabulous!!! I’m thinking we’re gonna have to set up a barter in the fall so I can get a few of these hats for my kidlets!!! (If you’re up for a swap!)

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