Long Weekend Plans…


We don’t practise any particular organized religion here, but we do celebrate Christian holidays.  We talk about what Good Friday and Easter are all about and why we observe the holiday.  On Sunday we’ll have an easter egg hunt, see what the big white bunny brought, decorate eggs and then we have a big dinner.  My menu plans consist of Ham with Raisin Sauce, Scalloped Potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and deviled eggs (made from the dyed eggs).  We still have to grocery shop tomorrow, and hope that we can actually find a ham…haven’t found a single grocery store that have them on sale this week!

I am also going to try and make this:

Braided Easter Bread

Doesn’t it look scrumptious?

Our to-do list is fairly extensive this weekend:

  • take kids to the YMCA for a swim
  • make banana bread
  • make sugar cookies
  • make Easter bread
  • bowling tonight
  • groceries
  • scrapbooking Saturday afternoon
  • finish Easter bunny preparations
  • finish birthday present for a friend

We wanted to go out to St. Jacob’s, but we decided against it because of the price of gas (holy cow!) and the fact that we’ll spend, spend, spend in St. Jacob’s!  LOL.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I will be back tomorrow to post our menu plan for the week!  Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!


6 responses to “Long Weekend Plans…

  1. I think you are in Ontario? Ibought a spiral ham, very delicious, for $1.99 a lb in Zerhrs, which is Loblaws/superstore/fortinos depending where u live in the province. The brand was Cook’s…try it,

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  3. I was just talking about planning a trip to St Jacob’s for some time this summer. I heard it is absolutely fantastic. Based on your thoughts I might have to rob a bank before I go.

    • LOL! Yeah, every time I go I lament that I don’t have enough money to buy everything I want to there. It is definitely worth the trip. The town is quaint, and the farmer’s market and outlets are fantastic. Our biggest problem is that there is a scrapbooking store called “The Scrapping Turtle” that we can’t get out of without dropping some cash into their coffers!

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