Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ April 1, 2012

Aaron, Andrew, and big sister Melissa


  • still working on The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets nest, LOL.  I took a break and read the Hunger Games triology


  • probably the Junos or maybe another episode of “Who Do You Think You Are”

Listening to?

  • Meri crying about something or other.  She’s our cryer and seems to wail at least 5 times a day.


  • Shane baked cookies today with the girls.  He couldn’t find anything he liked, so he took 2 recipes and kinda melded them together.  Turned out really good!  I made quiche for dinner

Happy you accomplished this week?

  • Just happy we made it through the week.  Shane went away and Amy and I were run ragged.  I finally sent off a gift in the mail and we got a pedicure today!  I took Melissa on a little girls afternoon!

Looking forward to next week?

  • Easter and a day off on Good Friday!!

Thankful for today?

  • My step-daughter Melissa, who took the time out of her busy life to come and see us today!  We had a great time visiting.  Even though I am not with her dad anymore, she still makes sure to make us a priority in her life.  We love her so, so, much!

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2 responses to “Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ April 1, 2012

  1. I’m looking forward to Easter weekend too!

  2. Love the toenails! Cute & fun!! 🙂 Great that Shane baked with the kids! Awesome!! Ed is more of the “grab a bag of Oreos” and call it a day…. lol!

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