Dancing Queen

Our Charley has been taking Junior Dance (ages 3 to 4) with Parks and Rec here in our city.  It’s a good little program and affordable for us.  We would have loved to put her in a private dance school, but with 6 children, it’s cost prohibitive for us.

The dance class ran from September until March 25 and cost $195 including the costume for the recital.  The recital was on Sunday and I will tell you, Charlotte did AMAZING!!  I think she loved being on the stage and performing.  Not sure if she was nervous, but she sure was excited!!

They danced to Stompin’ Tom Connors “Hockey Song”.  For those of you unfamiliar here it is:


The costume was just adorable…Team Canada Hockey Jersey over her black body suit and black tights, mittens, and knee high white socks.  Here’s a picture of her after the show with the pink roses we got her:

Now dance is over for the summer for her.  We are now in the process of signing the kids up for summer activities.  Our parks and rec has some fun programs, all for about $50 per 8 to 10 sessions.  Here’s what everyone gets to do (they picked)

  • Allen ~ Badminton
  • Austan ~ Skating or Ball Hockey (depends on if we can get a decent pair of skates for him at a reasonable price)
  • Andrew ~ Arts and Crafts (we wanted to put him in Special Olympics t-ball, but he said no)
  • Aaron ~ Learn to skate
  • Charlotte ~ Learn to skate
  • Meredith ~ Pre-school dance

Since Scouting stops over the summer, we need something to keep the kids occupied.  The money is coming out of our income tax return.  Even Amy and I are getting into the act and we’re going to play Slo-Pitch in an over 30 women’s league here in the city…should be fun, but I have already warned them that we are NOT good!!  LOL.  Thankfully it’s a *fun* league.

Do you have kids in any summer activities?  How do you budget for it?


2 responses to “Dancing Queen

  1. I’m a little envious over the two of you playing slo-pitch this summer! I love soft ball but there’s none here any more… as for kids, DD went to summer camp 5 years running ( one week @ 350.00), and took swimming lessons in an out door pool for 25.00/ 3 week session , but that was over 10 years ago now…

    • I think it’s going to be a lot of fun…it’s only a 4 team league, play on Sunday mornings and we don’t play long weekends. Summer camp is so expensive here…for overnight it’s around $600 or more per week..yikes!

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