Long Time No Blog…

The days seem to be getting away from me.  I seem to be getting busier as the weather gets nicer (how about that weather we had last week. 

I work full time outside the home, but I am also Head Chauffeur at our house.  Amy doesn’t drive, and Shane works long hours and is away for work a lot, so I am it.  Here’s my schedule:

Monday night: Allen’s social skills class from 6pm to 8 pm

Tuesday night: Swimming lessons for 5 kids at the YMCA

Wednesday night: Beavers for Andrew and Aaron

Thursday night: Scouts for Allen and Austan

Friday night: Bowling for me

Which means I am never home, or so it seems, LOL.

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but the biggest thing that happened is that we are now a TWO dog family.

Meet Moseby:

On St. Patrick’s Day I was perusing Facecrack Facebook, when a friend posted that they got a dog and they found it on Kijiji.  So I hopped on over there to just look, because we’ve been talking about getting a friend for Shelby.  We really wanted a rescue this time.  Anyway, I was just going to LOOK.  Two minutes before I went over there, someone posted a “Free to good home” for their beloved pet.  Their little girl had developed allergies and they couldn’t keep their dog.  The description of Moseby was “neutered male, up to date on all shots, good with children, good with other dogs.  Free to family who will love him”.  They had a picture of him.  He’s a Sharpei/Beagle cross and he’s gorgeous.  We trudged out to meet him and we fell in love.  The family had a “good feeling” about us, and they gave us the priviledge of taking him home.  He’s fit in quite well:

So we’ve spent the last week and a half integrating Mo into our family.  He’s settling in well, and loves to play with Shelby.

That’s all for now…back tomorrow!


2 responses to “Long Time No Blog…

  1. I would love to get a second dog, but I’m going to have to wait until I know where I stand job wise… ( no worries I still have my ft job to go back to). Maybe next summer…

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