Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Good morning!!

 I thought we were going to have a fairly busy weekend here, but it’s turning out to be not as busy as I believed.  Here’s my to do list for the next 2 days:

  • Charlotte to dance class Saturday morning
  • Groceries
  • crocheting more hats
  • Make Irish Soda bread to go with dinner tonight
  • drop off custom made hat to girl who could use some cheering up
  • drop another van load off to Talize for donation
  • make muffins, zucchini bread
  • take Charlotte to dress rehearsal for her recital
  • go to the YMCA and MOVE!! (the Y is right by the theatre where Charley’s rehearsal is taking place…parents are not allowed in the dress rehearsal)
  • pick up the boys from their friend’s house on Sunday (they’ve been there since Wednesday)

It looks like a lot but it could be, and usually is, much worse.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!  Green Eggs and Ham, Irish Soda Bread, Fruit Salad and Shamrock Shakes are on the menu for this evening at our house.