Breaking out the Sandals

It is going to be another GLORIOUS spring day

I hate socks and shoes  Like really, really, hate them.  I don’t like the feel of closed toes shoes.  As soon as the weather pops up above 10C, I break out the sandals.

I need to buy a few more pairs because the dog ate 3 pairs of my sandals/shoes last year and I only replaced my dress shoes.  I have to set aside money from my income tax return to purchase a few more.  I also want to splurge on a pedicure.  I didn’t get to have one last year because I was dealing with a nasty plantar wart (sorry TMI).  It’s gone now so I am going to find the money to treat ourselves to a pedi!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!


5 responses to “Breaking out the Sandals

  1. Run, don’t walk for a pedicure! Ps, I laughed when I saw your feet, cause they’re very similar to DD’s, including the baby toes!

    • Tee hee…they are not my feet!! Mine are in no state to post a picture…I stole it from a free image site, lol. I miss pedi’s soooo much. Six years ago you would have never heard me say that…I can’t stand people touching my feet. Amy took me for a pedicure, and except for the sloughing of the dead skin (that tickles) I don’t get the heebie jeebies too much. It’s worth it!

  2. look me up darlin ! I will meet ya … Im in need of a pedi before spring hits in earnest :0) and I am usually the first and the last with sandals on in this neck of the woods too :o)

  3. You have cute feet!! lol! Love the sandals!! 🙂

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