Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

Hey! Hey You…

I have a confession to make!

Come visit me HERE and I will tell you all about it


Breaking out the Sandals

It is going to be another GLORIOUS spring day

I hate socks and shoes  Like really, really, hate them.  I don’t like the feel of closed toes shoes.  As soon as the weather pops up above 10C, I break out the sandals.

I need to buy a few more pairs because the dog ate 3 pairs of my sandals/shoes last year and I only replaced my dress shoes.  I have to set aside money from my income tax return to purchase a few more.  I also want to splurge on a pedicure.  I didn’t get to have one last year because I was dealing with a nasty plantar wart (sorry TMI).  It’s gone now so I am going to find the money to treat ourselves to a pedi!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!