Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

It’s a Crafty Kind of Day…

Today marked day 2 of the March Break.  Yesterday the kids pretty much trashed their rooms into complete disaster areas.  Since I worked at home today, Amy kept the kids busy with some crafting.  They played with clay and playdoh in the morning.  After lunch they made:

Bunnies in the Grass

Painted Picture Frames

After I finished up work for the day, I did my own crafting!  Amy and I have been eyeing different Easter decorations in the store and lamenting that they cost a fortune.  I have always wanted to decorate for Easter but have never been able to justify the expense of it all.  I get various crafting emails, and I found a crochet pattern for a really cute wreath.  I absolutely love how it turned out!!

I have to make another one because we have double doors at the front, so tonight I will be crocheting more eggs as I sit in front of the television.  Best thing about this wreath is that it cost me $4 for the wooden base, $2.50 for the ribbon spools (with lots leftover) and about $3.00 for the cotton yarn!  Two beautiful wreaths for around $20.00.

Do you decorate for special holidays?  If yes, how do you do it on a budget?