Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ March 4, 2012


Absolutely nothing…but tomorrow I am going to get to catch up with reading as I have to report for Jury Duty at 1pm.  I am going to continue with “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest


Nothing at the moment…not even sure what is on tonight, lol.  This afternoon I watched “Catch Me If You Can” (Tom Hanks, Leo Dicaprio)

 Listening to?

The 11 year olds being silly in the kitchen…they are about to drive me to drink as they are fooling around not doing their jobs!!


Today Amy baked 4 loaves of bread, 2 loaves of half/half bread (using 1/2 whole wheat flour) and 2 loaves of garlic bread for dinner.  I took a carrot cake mix, added coconut, raisins and walnuts, and baked it.  It was yummy.  I made a Chicken Pasta Caesar Salad for dinner, which is so good.

 Happy you accomplished this week?

I made a few more hats and started on a special gift for someone.  Won’t say what or who, in case they are reading…but I am really happy with how it’s working out.  I am just glad we muddled through the week, Shane was away in British Columbia, so it was just Amy and I.  I never quite appreciate all the work he does around here until he goes away for a while.

 Looking forward to next week?

My birthday is on Tuesday…I will be 42. We’ve already gone out for dinner (last week we went for both mine, and Amy’s, birthdays with gift cards from Christmas), so we have nothing planned.  I am hearing rumblings about some sort of “presentation” the kids would like to do for me…can’t wait cause those are always fun.  We also have Saturday off for Charley’s dance class, so we might even be able to sleep in!  Of course, there’s Jury Duty tomorrow and I am interested in the process.

Thankful for today?

My team at the bowling tournament I was in yesterday.  It was my first tournament in over 20 years…and we won!  I bowled pretty terrible, but the rest of the team did well, so we get to go on to the next round.  It’s a national tournament, so there is a chance that we can go onto the finals in Winnipeg, but we have to get through the next couple of rounds first (so the chances are slim, but one can hope).  Most of all, I had a BLAST!  I had forgotten how much fun I have bowling, especially when I have a great team.

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2 responses to “Sunday Night Chit-Chat ~ March 4, 2012

  1. So basically Amy just put us all to shame today?! lol! 😉 I looove carrot cake..yum!

    I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday tomorrow!!! 🙂 Hugs!!

    • Yes, yes she did!! We’re trying to not have to buy bread and so far it’s working fairly well. We haven’t purchased any store bread since February 18th.

      Thanks, I get to spend the day at the courthouse on Jury Panel.

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