I have been a crocheting fool!

In the last week, I have spent most of my time crocheting hats.  I am quite addicted…mostly because they are so easy and quick and that serves my need for instant gratification, lol.  Second because I sold one and have interest from others wanting to buy…yay!!

Here’s a picture of the lovely Ms. M. (got permission from her mom to post the picture).  It’s a Flapper Cloche Hat with Flower (I turned up the brim). 

Here’s an adult Houndstooth hat that I recently made with a pattern from Playin’ Hooky Designs,  the bow is from Daisy Cottage Designs

Here’s another adult hat called a Twisted Beanie (also from Playin’ Hooky):

And another child sized version of the Houndstooth beanie with a daisy flower (this one is my favourite yet…the colours just pop together!)

I also did a couple of hats that would be more suitable for boys and girls who don’t like such girly looking things!  LOL.  It’s called a Strata hat and it’s another creation from Playin Hooky.  My boys love them and have asked for more hats in different colours!

I am working on a Facebook page and possibly an Etsy shop to sell them.  I just need some more professional looking pictures (I have to order some headforms).

I am thinking about doing some sort of giveaway…what do you think?  Would you like a hat custom made for you?  Which is your favourite??


4 responses to “I have been a crocheting fool!

  1. I love the houndstooth one! They’re all really cute, you’re very talented…

  2. These are fantastic. I really like the Flapper Cloche Hat with Flower one.

  3. I LOVE the black and white adult houndstooth!!! They are all beautifil of course, but this one is my favourite. You are very talented indeed. May I add that I also love your blog as well – I came here via your success story on Gail’s blog.

  4. Soo cute! I think you should do a giveaway but only let me enter… Haha!! The first is my fave!! Sooo sweet!!

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