Dreaded Challenge!!

After a week off blogging, crocheting my little heart out, I am back with our “Dreaded Challenge” from Carla’s Week 4 declutter challenge.

I have to admit, Amy did almost ALL the work.  She’s ruthless awesome when it comes to throwing stuff out or sending it off to be donated.  We decided on the master bedroom closet…

As you can see, we could barely get the door open to get in there and had to navigate our way through the closet to get to anything:

Now we can open it and there is floorspace!!!  My cedar chest holds summer clothes and in the summer it will hold winter stuff.  I would like to have it out on display somewhere, but there’s no place right now to put it.  (Isn’t my cedar chest amazing???  My grandfather made it and there are only 5 like it in the whole world…he made one each of his 5 granddaughters)

The shelves above were crazy packed with stuff:

Now they are fairly clear:

The floors under the clothes:

And now:

It took a good 4 to 5 hours to clean up and we purged 2 large bags full of clothing and at least one green garbage bag full of, well, garbage!!

All the pictures that were on top of the closet shelves are now going to be hung…it’s something we were waiting to do when we finally painted, but we’re sick of the family pictures being in the closet, so they are going to go up regardless of when we paint!  LOL.

As far as the financial challenge this month, we only managed to save about $800 out of the $1500 wanted planned to.   It’s not bad, of course, not many families this large could save that much.  However, Shane has a couple of big paychecks coming for March, so everything should work out ok and we will have the rest sometime around the 10th. Then the car repair will be paid for in full!!  I also did a really poor job of tracking spending for February.

Haven’t thought of what we want to do yet for March as far as goals go…but I would love to see some of the basement stuff decluttered!!  We’re also going to continue to try and sock as much extra cash away as we possibly can!

Have a good night everyone…will be back tomorrow to show off some of what I have been up to over the last few days.

That’s all for now


4 responses to “Dreaded Challenge!!

  1. Wow! What a huge improvement!!! Awesome job!! 🙂 Saving $800 is amazing! Congrats!!

  2. Nothing better than a clean closet, is there? 😉
    Keep going and get on that basement too!
    Awesome Savings too…Kudos!

  3. Looks great! Huge improvement. 🙂

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