Totally neglecting my blogging duties!

I just noticed that I haven’t blogged since Saturday!  We were even nominated for an award while I was away.  Antie Eboo, I’m humbled and I promise that I will get to it within the next week.

I have become addicted to crocheting hats!  An on-line friend pointed me in the direction of a couple of great patterns.  I love this website:  Playin Hooky Designs  Here’s Charley in one of the hats:

And the side view:

And a smaller version for a toddler:

The flower is courtesy this free pattern at Daisy Cottage Designs

I am excited to say too, that I got my first order for a hat (one of the ones I made last Saturday for the girls)!!  I completed it and I will post a picture after I deliver it tonight (I don’t want you guys to see it before the customer, lol).  I want to start selling the ones above (among others), but I can’t do it here until I purchase my domain name.  I think I am going to wait to see how many word of mouth orders I get, and then see if they justify spending the money (it’s a small sum, but when you’re on a budget, every penny counts).

We had a wonderful weekend and a great family day.  We took the kids to see the new polar bear, who tuckered himself out playing and was sleeping soundly when we got there:

And I got to say goodbye to my beloved Elephants…they are leaving, not sure when, but they are being sent to more appropriate climate.

That’s all for now.  I have to make dinner (bacon and eggs, yum), take the big boys to scouts, then deliver the order.  We’re bracing for a storm tomorrow morning and the media is making it out to be a big one.  I hope they’re wrong, again.


4 responses to “Totally neglecting my blogging duties!

  1. Your hats make me wish my kids were still small. They refused to wear such “baby” things now. 😦

  2. Hey Judi, why pay for an account? Set up something on etsy for free. Then direct your customers to your etsy site. You can use it as a catalogue for your items if you want to avoid paying etsy (since etsy takes their cut and so does paypal) You would only have to pay etsy to renew your items every 3 months, which is MUCH cheaper than paying for a domain yearly and then a web hosting fee. If you sell something to a complete stranger who finds you on etsy, then it’s a bonus!

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