Didn’t do anything today but create…

I didn’t even get out of my PJ’s!!

It’s not totally true, I did make sausage soup for lunch for Meri’s birthday celebration, but I did crochet all day long.  I started off making a hat for myself because I don’t particularly like the red one I made last month (it’s too big).  It turned out pretty cute, but I am not posting a picture because I look terrible today (no make up, hair’s not done, etc. etc.).

I liked it so much that I decided to make hats for the girls in the same pattern.  They match the leg warmers I made for them a few weeks ago.

Here’s Charley’s:

And here’s Meri in hers:

The kids are now off to bed, the big boys have gone to a 2 day sleepover, and we’re settling in to do pretty much nothing.  If the weather co-operates tomorrow, we think we’re going to visit the new addition to the Polar Bear exhibit at the Toronto Zoo tomorrow.  The female polar bear had 3 cubs in October, but sadly 2 passed away.  The third is doing very well!! Here’s a fun tidbit…one of my friends was at the zoo last April and she caught a picture of those polar bears ‘fooling around’…we’re pretty sure she caught the conception on film!!  LOL!  The bears were premature and their birthdate coincides with the date that she took that picture.  Seriously, you can’t make that stuff up!

Have a happy Saturday night!


9 responses to “Didn’t do anything today but create…

  1. Cute hats! Happy Birthday Meri!

  2. love the girls hats! Seriously they are fab! If you have free time, I know a few girls over my way that would enjoy them 😉

    We’re planning on going to the zoo and see the baby polar bear on Monday. We’d go tomorrow but Daynah has dance (extra competition practice) and Lucas has a bday party he’s attending.

    Seeing the polar bears fool around lol, was hysterical. Lucas kept saying they were on a date LMAO!

  3. Love the sweet hats! 🙂 Don’t think I’d wanna see polar bears doing the nasty… lol!

  4. I love these hats. Great job.

  5. I’ve nominated you and your blog for an award. Please pop over to my blog to see what it’s all about! 🙂

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