Oh Boy, we have a 3 year old in the house


Today we have another birthday.  This rotten adorable little girl turns 3 years old today.

Meri was Amy’s surprise baby…they thought they took care of things in the reproductive department, Amy figured that there would be no more babies in her future after she had Charlotte in 2007.   Although it was a shock, we are soooo happy that things worked out the way they did.   Meri was the only one of our kids who had a home birth (although 3 of the 7 children were delivered by midwives).

Just minutes old

Meri is our little character…she’s stubborn and smart, mischievous and sweet, and her laughter (and her screams…oh boy is she LOUD) fills the house.  She’s been speaking in full sentences for about a year now and the stuff she comes out with is priceless.  So in honour of her birthday, I thought I would share a few things:

To Mama:

  • I was made in a big machine and then Daddy came and took me out of the little hole (her mind works in mysterious ways, this child)

To Aaron:

  • We’ll play rock, paper, scissors…I’ll be the rock and you be the scissors.  (that can’t be good…we all know what rock does to scissors!)

Conversation with Mama last May:

  •  Meri:  “Mama, what we having for dinner?”  Amy: “Lasagna and Salad” Meri: “I like lasagna, but salad hurts my feelings”

To Amy:

  • No Kisses, Mama!!  No kisses, dey make me barf!

Out in the backyard last August:

  • Mama, don’t step on the toads, ok?  It make the toad yell. (have you ever heard a toad yell?)

Those are some of the ones we’ve written down, but she comes out with the cutest little tidbits all the time.  And of course she does things like this when we’re not looking:

And yes, she stacked the bar stools herself (at 2 years, 2 months) and climbed on top of them.  As she grinned from ear to ear she sang “I’m the King of the Castle and you’re the dirty rascal”…dear me, where does she learn these things?? (yes, I know, from the other children!)

Happy Birthday, Meredith!  I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow (we’re celebrating tomorrow because, well, it’s just easier and she doesn’t really know the difference!!).  We love you to pieces!!


One response to “Oh Boy, we have a 3 year old in the house

  1. I have to laugh because my youngest was and still is the same way. She ones managed to pile all of her stuffed animals up in order to pole vault out of her crib!

    Happy Birthday little one

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