Happy Monday!

Yeah, yeah, I know, Monday and happy should never go into the same sentence.  I figure if I pretend to like Mondays, I will eventually be able to tolerate them…right? Right?


We have completed the 2nd week of Carla’s Challenge and have a really nice *family* space.  Amy decided that she would tackle our entertainment area.

It looked like this before:

And what it looks like now.

We threw out the entertainment centre that was broken and replaced it with 2 of our 3 high shelves turned sideways.  We moved the VCR up to the master bedroom to create a workout space.  We purged the games that we never play and got rid of some of the DVD’s and VHS tapes that the kids don’t watch anymore.  The 3 high shelves came from our scrapbook area, that’s why you see scrapbooks and our scrapbook idea books/magazines on the shelf.  But it looks so much less cluttered now. 

We piled all the crap stuff we no longer need into the van yesterday and went to Talize.  Here’s what the van looked like before we pulled out of the driveway (back and side views).  I love Talize in that their donation centre supports the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

*Yes, our van is super dirty…it’s not a luxury we tend to spend money on…we’ll clean it in the spring when we can do it in the driveway.

We’re not finished purging yet either.  After we got home yesterday, while I was baking, Amy purged the girls closet and today she sifted through Andrew and Aaron’s closet.  By the time this month has ended I think we’ll have given away 2 vans full of stuff.  Not too shabby!


10 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. Looks great!!!!! I admit to getting the car washed every month only because the brine and salt they use here eats through the paint!


  2. That’s a whole lotta… stuff! I love purging, makes me feel much better!

  3. Wow!! Amazing improvement! That’s a nice big donation! 🙂

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