Week One Challenge: Personal Space

So we’re finally getting around to posting our week one challenge for Carla’s Decluttering Challenge.  But we did have until Wednesday, so we’re in before the deadline!

The personal space we chose was the office/master bedroom, not including the master closet (because that’s our dreaded challenge).  Please excuse some of the pictures, I didn’t realize they were blurry

The bookshelf area before:

This area became a catch-all for anything.  We got the gazelle a few months back…used it for a few weeks and then folded it up.

The bookshelf space after we purged a bunch of books and put things away.  We moved Shelby’s crate over to this side of the room.

Desk and computer area before:

Desk and computer area after.  I cleared up all my scrap paper, and there were bills and report cards shoved in those piles, lol.  Now it’s just a pile of scrap paper for us to jot things down on.

Other side of the bed…we brought up our table from our dining room for Christmas and had not put it back yet.  Guess where laundry went instead of being put away???

After, we put the dining room table back where it belonged and put up the Gazelle:

Clothes dressers…what a messy area (like the Mega Blocks??)

After…we brought up the VCR to play workout video’s (there’s space in the room for both Amy and I to work out).

We also donated a bunch of stuff. Avon bags that we put up on Freecycle:

Books that we will take to Talize tonight:

An office chair that was gifted to us that just doesn’t work anywhere in the house anymore:

A pair of shoes we tried to freecycle but we had no takers that we will take to Talize tonight (I don’t know why!  They are brand new only worn once!)

Scrapbook supplies for a Freecycler who was in need of some:


I am so excited we were able to get this space done.  Next week is the Family Space Challenge (which is already almost completed!)


4 responses to “Week One Challenge: Personal Space

  1. Wow!! You guys blew this one out of the water!! Awesome job! 🙂

  2. Awesome decluttering jobs, Judi. I am happy to be learning I am not the only one who doesn’t care to put laundry away ! Easy to find the comment section once you explained it to me. Thanks.

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