Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Amy and I picked up this book just after Christmas when we saw it at Costco:

The premise of this book is how everyone in the world carries around an invisible bucket and that bucket is to hold all your good thoughts about yourself.   When you’re happy the bucket is full, when you’re sad your bucket is empty. It talks to kids about being “bucket fillers” and “bucket dippers” and how important it is to be a “bucket filler”.  You can easily fill another person’s bucket by being kind and considerate and doing nice things for others.  By doing that, you fill up your own personal bucket.  You can guess what a bucket dipper does…goes into other people’s buckets to try to take their good thoughts and feelings away.  A “bucket dipper” does this by doing or saying mean-spirited things and those dippers usually have empty personal buckets.  We thought the book was a great tool to read to our kids to  help them think about how we can be more kind and compassionate towards one another and how we can be happier people.

You can read all about this book and other books by the same author at Bucketfillers 

I have been thinking more and more lately about what “I” can do to fill more buckets in this world.  I love the RAK (random acts of kindness) idea that I have seen several people post about.   I am thinking that I might try to do at least 2 random acts of kindness, per month, for the rest of the year.  I am also going to try to yell less (sigh, yes, I am one of those yelling moms…it doesn’t work) and talk more.

How do you fill other people’s buckets (and subsequently fill your own)?

**disclaimer:  I did not receive anything for talking about this book here…we loved it, we bought it, and I just wanted to share about it!


8 responses to “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

  1. Sounds wonderful… will have to look into it for my girls! 🙂 I filled two buckets this month… sent a cross-stitch kit to an online friend & bought a friend a few bags of groceries because she’s struggling financially right now.

    • It’s an awesome book, we’ve read it to the kids a few times. There’s a book for older kids too, which I would like to get for the big boys. I almost have enough swagbucks to get amazon.ca gift cards to get it for free

  2. What a great concept!!! I love this idea! I want to be a bucket filler too! I think just doing small little things helps to go a long way. Not saying this to praise myself (I think that would make me a bucket dipper!) but today I shoveled my neighbours drive way just to return the favour he did for me the other day and I gave a loaf of bread to another friend/neighbour since she indicated they love homemade bread. Two really simple things that took very little effort from me yet filled some buckets (I hope). Thanks for sharing this!!!

  3. One of the teachers at work uses this with her class. It’s a good way for them to see the positives in life to be happy for.

  4. I mentioned the book to Andrew’s ERF today and she said she’s already got it and they will be using it in class later in the month.

  5. Sounds like a great book – I will definitely look into it for my kiddos.

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